Increase size of Serial Fields / text Boxes

I’d like to request increasing the size of text boxes if possible…some of our serial #'s are long and it is hard to distinguish them as they currently are…

specifically on the “pieces” , “Inventory” pages for this part:

( …part/fifoix_piece_list?reloaded=1&bin_search=800-03-44-3&receipt_search=6811&part_search=SUB000010&location=AE )

Hi @regisphilbin,
We’ll pass the request on to our development team, and let you know if we hear anything back about it.

I’d like to know if this modification has been considered. Thanks!

@regisphilbin The development team did note your feedback here. They also said that the size of the text boxes is somewhat of a moving target. Some people have short serials, and don’t want a huge text box, some people have long serials and want the text box to show the whole thing. We settled on a medium sized text box in an attempt to cover as many situations as possible.

As we continue expanding and developing the product (especially the report enhancements Taylor talked about at the user conference) we will always try to weigh the feedback towards making the product most useful for the greatest number of our customers.

just a suggestion/comment, could the Serial field width be managed through a “config setting” parameter (maybe width of field defined in # of characters?)

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll pass it along.

Just to follow up…it looks like this request was implemented in Version 4.0 with a new Expand/Shrink Button.

It looks great!