Inserting lines into a Quote

Is there an option to insert a line within a Quote?

For example, if I need to add a new part to a Quote and want it between lines 7 & 8. Can this be done? Or does the new part need to be added to the bottom of the Quote?

@jake You can definitely rearrange the lines on a quote!

You’ll start by adding the new lines, they’ll go to the bottom at first.

After they’ve been added, you can hover your cursor over the line number in the ‘#’ column, and a pair of up and down arrows should appear.

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 5.35.31 PM

You can click on those arrows, then hold down and drag the line to rearrange them and change the order.

Perfect! This is exactly what we needed.

That’s pretty awesome. can it be deployed on PQuotes too? I only see that feature on Sales quotes.

That’s a really great suggestion! I’m actually surprised we don’t already have it there.
We’ll pass that along to our product management team and I’m sure it will get implemented at some point in a future release.