Integration with Xero accounting


I’m just getting started with CETEC over the past few months and I’m enjoying it so far. As we’re nearing year-end and starting to think about year-end closeout and taxes, I’m wondering how people integrate CETEC with a separate financial accounting system like Quickbooks or Xero. We use Xero specifically, and I don’t see us being able to migrate our financial accounting to CETEC anytime soon. Basically we would like to use CETEC’s functionality for inventory, purchasing, production, quality, warehouse, etc. but need to keep our financial accounting in Xero.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @aeromorrison

Thanks for the question!

It’s not uncommon for companies to use Cetec ERP to run their operations (sales/purchasing, inventory, production, shipping, etc.) while using another platform like Quickbooks to run their financials. So, you’re not crazy!

Typically, companies will have an accounting/clerical staff manually enter whatever shipments/invoices (i.e. closed sales orders) shipped in a day/week and re-enter those in the accounting system. On the purchasing side, they’ll re-enter whatever POs and/or PO Receipts have processed in Cetec, re-enter those as POs in Quickbooks (and handle vendor invoicing/bills in Quickbooks from there).

You’ll have to maintain two sets of customers/vendors in Cetec / Quickbooks (or Xero) respectively. And, all your GL activity and financials would live in Quickbooks. For inventory, you could do a regular full inventory report in Cetec to get total inventory value (real-time at end-of-month, for instance), and make a recurring post in the Quickbooks GL. Same concept for WIP reporting: run the detail report in Cetec, make the financials post in Quickbooks or Xero.

We do have a Quickbooks Online plug-in coming in the next release to Cetec ERP, actually. That will have an announcement and its own special pricing as a plugin on our upgrades page on our website (should be ~$200/month). Nothing yet on deck for a Xero plug-in though… though likely at some point in time in the future that will come.

Let us know if you have any questions.


OK. Thanks for the tips and guidance! I think this makes general sense.