We want to put or get data in cetec using API with connecting android application or web application. Can you please guide us, How we can do that?

Hi Rana,
Our API documentation is accessible to Admin Users.
Admin > APIs & More > API Overview

From there, I prefer to use the “Documentation Portals” on that page, but that depends on what kind of data you want access to. We haven’t finished converting the documentation from the list on the apioverview page to the portal, but we are working on it as the Portals are much easier to use.

Which API you need of course depends on the problems that you want to solve.

If you are importing Quotes from an e-commerce site, you would use importjson/quotes. If you are trying to display QoH for parts, you might look at the inventory or parts APIs.

Hope that helps!

Basically, we want to make our own android app or web app and we want to put or get data in cetec using API. For example, we have an incoming inspection app, and we want to transfer data in cetec through the app. if it is possible then how do we do that, Kindly guide us.

We’ll have to take this to our engineering team (definitely beyond the expertise of our folks that monitor the forums). We’ll see if someone there can reach out to you directly to discuss further.


I am still waiting for your solution? Kindly guide us as soon as possible.

Hi Rana,
There is specifically not an API for incoming inspections at this time.
Reaching out via email now, for more direct information.