Internal PO Automatically Created


I’m facing an issue wherein while creating an internal work order, an internal PO automatically gets created. Is there anyway I can get rid of this?
Also, I’m unable to close/delete these auto generated POs.

Any words on this?

Hi @vaibhav,
The short answer is no, there is no way to stop the PO from getting created, but that is by design.

In Cetec, when creating an internal order, we assume that you’re building an assembly that will then get added to your stock inventory. In order to receive something in to inventory, and be able to maintain traceability about it’s origins, you need the internal PO against which the finished assembly will be received.

Subsequently, you shouldn’t have to worry about closing the internal PO manually as it should get closed automatically when you complete/receive the order.

Hope that helps clear this up for you!

Thanks for your response however, the internal POs are not automatically closing down once we complete/receive the order. For instance see the attachment below, the order is closed however the internal PO is still open.