Internal PO remains open after closing build order?

I am experiencing situations where internal pos from a build order are still open and showing on waterfall after closing the build order.
Often times when a build order is created in our situation the production plant does not or can not build the total number of parts on the build order which leaves the build order open with the remaining balance of the order on another line (ex. order for 100 pcs but production builds 90pcs = line 2 balance of 10 pcs) In the event that we do not need the remaining 10 pcs to add to inventory at that time I ask the plant to go to the build order and select “Delete line/ all”, select the open line and delete that line. This closes out the remaining (not needed) balance and in most cases removes and internal PO and or supply from that build order and does not show on waterfall. However, in some cases I am seeing what appears to be the internal PO remaining open even though the build order is closed out which gives false supply to the waterfall and in some cases (in the below example) does not show up on the MRP system as needing to create another build order at a later date when more are needed. I discovered i can close the po and it will go away at that point but only after I have found that the Po is still open which in most cases is too late.

Due to this not happening in every case is this something that we are doing wrong?
I would like a better understanding of what causes this to happen so that if need be we can change our internal processes to keep this from happening anymore going forward.

Thank you!

Hey Nathan,

It does appear that you’re using the “Delete Line/All” function properly. We tested pretty exhaustively and were unable to reproduce the issue you’re seeing.

It could be that the issue has already been resolved, and that’s why we’re unable to recreate it. Or it could potentially be something in the data of those older orders, since that PO was from February 2020.

For now, all we can suggest is that you monitor it very closely, and let us know if this continues happening. In the short term, you can manually close that PO and it should remove it from your waterfall.

Hope that helps some.

Yes i was afraid of that, I will try and monitor this issue and bring this up if i see it come up again.
Thank you for looking into this.