internal work order generated from MRP didnt calculate the work start dates correcty

I generated three internal work order today from the MRP. All three orders made the work start date for each line todays date. This didn’t not generated a work start date based by labor time like every other order does. I changed a few manually trying to figure out how to make it work correctly.

  1. can you please look into and fix the bug related to this?
  2. can you please regenerate the work start dates or tell me how to do in in bulk. there is a lot of lines.

Here are the orders.

Hi @ElectricalAccess,
We think what’s happening is that the work start dates are getting filled in when the quote is initially created from MRP (which shouldn’t be happening, it should be leaving that field blank by default), and so even though you’re changing the ship and dock dates the work start date is using the filled in date.

We’re going to investigate this, and also see what the best way to correct those existing orders is. Do you happen to know about how many have this issue?

i am only aware on those three orders only because i generated them from the MRP and i dont normally do that. Can you guys refactor the work start dates for those three examples i gave you so they show correctly in the system?

We could probably come up with a script that would handle that on your behalf. However that most likely be considered billable time for our engineers, and it may be more economical for you to update them manually since it’s just the 3 POs.

If you’d like an estimate on what it would cost for our engineers to handle this for you, send an email to and reference this case so they can gather the necessary details.

couple things - why would we pay for fixing a cetec issue. I tried to update them manually. the whole reason i am bringing this to you is because they wont update.

There should already be a script. This isnt the first time this has happen and Tech X has had to rerun the work start date calculator. Please talk to Taylor. he did it in the past when this issue has occured.


Engineering has done a dive on this and they report that the MRP date default looks unchanged for 5 years. However, they also pointed out that you all don’t show the WIP date on the Quote, which might be a setting which would help you out - do you think you all might want to be able to see/edit that on the Quote? If so, turn on the Config value, “quote_show_wip_date” - that might solve this problem for you all.

Idid check with Taylor but unfortunately neither of us remember/could find a script like this.

As for updating the WIP date on those Orders you referenced, you should be able to do that from the Order Edit screen, or by going to the Schedule screen for the Order and clicking the ‘Schedule Backwards’ button (which will set a new WIP date working backwards from the Promise Date). You could also set the WIP Date directly on that screen - that’s generally where we would recommend people go for this sort of thing.

Can you give that reschedule a shot and see if that helps? And … that Config value might just be the “golden ticket” that solves this problem for you as well.

Let me know what you think.