Inventory Activity vs Ledger Reconciliation Issue.

We are facing issue related to inventory Activity Vs Ledger reconciliation in audit report .
Its show delta at various date between these two ledger and we don’t understand about this difference so kindly provide solution against this issue.
Related sheet attached with this email.

Hello @rana826,
As the name of the report indicates, you’re seeing differences in inventory activity for those days, versus ledger values that were posted to the two accounts specified at the top.

Without doing some in-depth investigation, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact cause there. Som steps we can recommend are:

  • Look at ledger entries that were manually adjusted or posted to an inventory ledger account that day.
  • Check to see if, on the day/s in question, check to see if the bin values tie out to the ledger values.

If you’re unable to track down all the offending transactions, or determine the root issue that’s causing the delta/s, we do offer accounting consulting services where we’d be able to go through your data with you, and try to drill down to the root cause and figure out the best way forward for you. Consulting is billed at $250/hr. If you feel like that’s the way you’d like to handle this, please send an email to and reference this forum topic, and we can get that set up for you.