Inventory Issue

We are making some PRT Parts in CETEC. But currently some items was not use in our production and we want to inactive those parts temporary. If it is possible in CETEC, then how we do this? I need a solution.

@rana826 Are these items you actually have in inventory, or are you just wanting to inactivate the PRCPart records?

If they’re in inventory, then you’ll have to do an inventory adjustment on the part record so that the part record shows 0-inventory. Once the part doesn’t have any inventory in the system, you can deactivate the part by editing the part record and selecting Delete.

This won’t remove the part record from the system, just make it so that it can’t be used as part of new activity in the system, and won’t show up in searches in various places. But you can still find it, and reactivate it if desired, by searching the parts list for inactive entries.