Inventory Overview report

I can report out as a giant list all of our inventory at: parts/ reports / inventory value

This is handy as a i can run the report as of a given day–e.g. at the end of the year, go back and pull reports for outputs at the end of each month.

I really like and prefer the inventory overview report: parts/ reports / inventory overview

However, the inventory overview report pulls the data at that instant and does not allow you to go back in time, say the report needs to be run on the 30th of the month but that falls on a Saturday and I’m without a computer that day so can’t run the report until the 2nd.

It would be incredibly useful to be able to run that report with the ‘as of’ date field, like the inventory value report.

Thank you

That’s a good suggestion! We’d like pass it on to our development team for consideration to potentially be included in a future release.

Would you want something like the Inventory overview report as is, but just with the ability to filter by date included? Or Is it the value picked/not picked colums missing from the inventory value report that would be most useful?

Filter by date provides a nice executive summary, which is missing today and the initial trigger for the request.

The other columns missing allow for a deeper dive into the data, as needed and are a ‘nice to have’ ability for all the questions that are sure to arise.

Thanks @Greg,
We’ll send those suggestions to our development team for consideration. There’s always a chance that they may come back and say that we could implement this for your instance specifically, and provide an estimate based on the amount of time they think it would take to build. Otherwise, and most likely, it will get added to the list of potential future features.

If we do hear back from them about doing this for you specifically, we’ll update you here.