inventory overview report

I am working on my inventory and i have put in PRCpart#, their cost, and Qoh, but when i go to the Parts>Reports>Inventory Overview and look at it my value is showing as zero.

So i selected one of my PRC to see what the issue may be. I am now in Inv Value for that PRC and it shows all of my parts that are in that group. The cost shows up as zero and my Qty shows as a negative and the net value shows as zero. I believe that the negative value shows as a negative because i did a part import from the admin import because i just started using Cetec and i am getting all of my parts and inventory in the system. I don’t understand why its negative but that’s another question.

Now when i select one of the individual parts to look at it the default cost is 1.05$ and i have QTY Avail of 9. So why is my value of my parts that i clearly have a cost of 1.05$ per piece and a quantity on hand of 9 showing as a value of zero in the report.

Hi @tgregston
So the inventory value is based on the bin cost for each bin that has inventory, and different bins for the same part mat have different costs based on their receipts. The default caost is just what the system will use when creating new orders for that part.

You can adjust the bin cost on the part record by going to the correct warehouse, then the appropriate bin, entering the cost for that bin, and clicking the set button.

For future inventory, typically the bin cost will get set at the point the inventory gets received in to the system against a PO.

For more info on how the system pulls pricing/costing data, check out this article: Costing & Pricing

And feel free to ask any other questions you may have here on the forum!