Inventory Report

Is there an inventory value report that ties to the general ledger?

Hi @Brandi.Blow

The gold standard for real-time accurate inventory value is Parts >> Views/Lists >> List By Bin

There is another report - Parts >> Reports >> Inv Value - that takes a snapshot of what the inventory’s value (from List By Bin) was each day, letting you report on what inventory value was in the past.

Now, as for inventory tying to the general ledger, that is a common accounting practice (e.g. month end). If you go to Accounting >> Audit >> Daily Ledger Vs. Inventory Activity that helps you track each days inventory value activity against the corresponding General Ledger credits/debits that inventory is mapped to.

Theoretically those should always line up. But, if you have any users that are breaking process and divorcing inventory activity from corresponding inventory ledger value, you should see those discrepancies in that Audit report and be able to address them, address any process isssues they may reveal, adjust any inventory G/L amounts you might need to do in order to get Inventory Details vs. Ledger reconciled and tying again, etc.

Hope this helps.


Are there any plans @cetecerp to add additional standard reports for inventory? the Executive Dashboard and Pulse Dashboards (Admin/Dashboards/Executive Dashboard and Admin/Dashboards/Pulse Dashboard) have a nice mix of reports.

One thing we (any many businesses) are interested in looking at are trend lines over time for inventory as well as inventory turns over time.

While it is a relatively straight forward task to manually export the data and create my own trendline report overtime in Excel, it would be preferable to have the report native to Cetec.

The Inventory Pie chart snapshot in time could be a stacked bar chart at end of month over time instead, for instance, to provide businesses with a lot more meaningful insights.