Inventory Reports

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We have a user that needs to see what our inventory is under parts but not sure which option under user needs to be selected to give her this visibility. Can you please let me know which item needs to be selected so she can see “inventory overview” and other inventory reports.

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Hey Kris!

Answering your question I believe giving that user the Edit Inventory role should allow her visibility to view inventory, but her visibility on those inventory reports might be minimal using that role. The Accounting role gives her access to all inventory reports and any data associated with that (that could be another option if you want).

The Warehouse role also states that you can view inventory within your environment as well if that’s another role you’d want to assign to her.

Let me know if this helps you out and get’s that user the inventory report access that she’s needing!

Cetec ERP Support

Sorry for the late response but work and travel have been intense.

I do not see an EDIT INVENTORY role under users. We would like to keep this information solely on the operation side and not the accounting side. Maybe I missed the EDIT INVENTORY role but can you confirm it is available?

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No worries! I know the Warehouse role allows the user the ability to edit inventory per your request. Is that something you’d be willing to give to that user? The warehouse role should keep things on the operation side and not accounting.

If the warehouse role isn’t something that you’re willing to give her we would need to look at other options to see what can be done.