Inventory Shortage Reason

I’m looking for some help with our accounting for the InvShortageReason. We are trying to change the GL account which those reasons are attributed, but when we perform an inventory change the ledger entry doesn’t follow that GL. This is what we have set up now,

This is the part we’re looking at, we removed a handful for R&D,

But when we go to the ledger entry for the part that was scrapped it isn’t going to that account ID on the GL.


In your InvShortageReason table, for the R&D adjustment entry, you have the account number entered.

It is asking for Account ID, not account number. (Pretty confusing I realize).

So, if you take what you currently have in there (67305) and delete that and replace it with the ID (415) then it should work.

Let us know if you have any trouble.