Inventory Valuation Report


One of our user deleted a ledger entry for 2 to 3 parts. Due to this, in the inventory valuation report, the inventory value of these items is in negative.
How can we fix this?

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A couple of options:

  • You could go to the cancelling/replacing entry that was created by the deletion, and update it to correct back to the original values
  • You could create a new manual entry to replicate the original entry


We have looked into the issue. We are little confused. Can you have a look.
Item number is 105-175-PS-3A. We received 50,000 pcs in Bin New-19 on 10-Jan-20. In Inventory Activity report from date 10-Jan-20 to 8-Feb-20 you will find ledger entry 3747. This entry is causing problem.


Is the actual inventory count also incorrect? Meaning Cetec should show that you have 50000 more of that part in your inventory? Or is it just the value that’s wrong?

If the current inventory is correct, then how did that get corrected after the inventory adjustment?

Inventory is correct.
We received product with wrong inventory value. While trying to correct the ledger, we have some how messed it up.

@asad So we were finally able to drill down to what happened here. It looks like there was and bin adjustment to correct the bin cost, and then after that the receipt was cancelled. If either one or the other had been done, you’d be okay. But since both happened, it basically doubled the change in value.

Unfortunately we don’t have a way that you can self correct this. We’re going to have to have an engineer go in to your database and manually correct it, which is a billable task that’s going to take a couple of hours. If you want to discuss this further, you can email to go over the details, otherwise let us know you approve of the work here and we’ll get someone assigned to it, and then invoice you and let you know when it’s done.

@asad We went ahead and took care of this for you. Please check the inventory value for that part, and confirm that it is correct now.

We’ve also updated the code to prevent the root cause of this issue, you shouldn’t be able to cancel a receipt if there have been inventory adjustments made to the parts.