Invoice Adjustment

We need to adjust an Invoice by $.01. When I edit a sales price or adjust freight the following error appears " **Error:**Invoice Not Updated: Cannot adjust resales below total payments!".

Any suggestions?


Would you be able to provide the invoice number that’s causing the problem? We’d love to take a look and see what’s going on here.

Invoice 2410.1-1

@jake while testing this we did discover a couple of unusual things that may be contributing to your issue here. We’ve got our engineers working on sorting those out now, and will update you as soon as it looks like we’ve got this resolved.

Do you have an update on this? Our customer has been waiting for a paid invoice and I can’t get it for her until it’s fixed. Thanks

@kali No update yet. There is a rounding issue of some sort at work here that we’re trying to track down and resolve.

As soon as we know more and/or have a resolution we’ll update you here.

Hey I don’t know if this question applies here but I’m new to the forum and haven’t figured it all out yet. How can I get a Bill-only invoice to show the resale dollar amount - I created the invoice and assigned the dollar amount to the resale value, but it will not reflect on the PDF.

@samantha - I believe yours is a separate issue. I believe the reason why it’s not showing a dollar amount on your invoice @samantha - is because the Qty on that invoice line is zero. So it’s multiplying the $ amount by zero, and the result is always $0.00

If you up that qty to ‘1’ it should work.

Hope this helps!

@kali and @jake
We’ve been continuing to work on this for you, sorry for the radio silence.
It looks like the reason that the invoice is still showing the 1¢ balance is that line 14’s resale actually has 3 decimal points instead of the two that are shown on the invoice.
So the actual Ext. Resale would read 359.125*7=2513.875.

We’re hesitant to make any adjustment to the code here, as that may end up creating more problems than it solves. If you still need to tie this out, which I’m not sure there’s a need to do as it is “Paid,” you can set line 14 to have a resale of 259.13 instead of the 259.125. Since that line has qty 7 you would need to reduce 4 cents of resale from somewhere else to balance out.

Hope that helps!