Invoice Commissions Screen

It seems that in the last month or two, the Invoice Commissions screen is not displaying some columns correctly. The Invoice Ext Resale and the Invoice Total Resale are the two that I use that do not look accurate. For instance, if you scroll down a little, Invoice 24811.1-5 says we are paying $1,835.34 in commission for an Invoice that is worth $46.82. Any explanation on this?{"label"%3A"All"%2C"value"%3A-1}&outside_sales={"label"%3A"All"%2C"value"%3A-1}&__sortBy__=[]&__pageIndex__=0&__pageSize__=25&__reload__=1


That invoice total looks to be $36,706.88, with a 5% commission, equaling $1,835.34


Cetec ERP Support