Invoice Emails Not Received

Hi, we’re facing a problem where some of our customers are complaining about not receiving our invoices when they are send through Cetec. This is always been a problem however, now the a lot of our customers are complaining about this issue.
See the attached image, some of the customers are also receiving this type of email which they can’t even open up.

@vaibhav We’ll look in to this for you. In the meantime, if you have any customers experience this problem again, you get around the issue by downloading the PDF to your machine and sending it from your email service.

We’ll update you about the issue once we know more.

Thanks, let me know once this is fixed.

We weren’t able to find anything that would cause an issue that we could find. Your email logs show that it was sent from the system successfully, that’s usually the first place we look.

Since it’s been over a month since that email went out (4/13) we aren’t able to go back and look any deeper in to it. If you do encounter this again, please let us know ASAP (preferably within 24hours) and we’ll investigate further.

As a precautionary measure, you could copy an internal accounting email on all the invoices that get sent out, and then you’d be able to see right away what’s going out to your customers.