Invoice error

We are getting the following error when attempting to invoice. There are 39 pieces in the bin and we are trying to relieve 30 pieces.

Not entirely sure what’s happening there, looks like it might have something to do with a recent part merge for that part. We’re going to have our engineering team look at this and see if we can determine what’s causing the issue.

Engineering got back to us, and the issue does appear partially related to the part merge.

So, if you look at the PRCPart number on that part record, there are actually 2 blank spaces at the end of the number.


The way to fix that is to create a new part record with the same number, but without the spaces at the end, and then merge the part with the spaces in to the new part without them.

In our testing, doing this allowed the system to properly process the invoicing for the order in your screenshots.

Thank you!