Invoice List

when I put “SHP%” in the Prcpart field i get a “500 - Internal Server Error” can i get help of what the cause may be? i used to be able to do it.


Hi Gavin,

Are you using the new or old list? Testing this now.


Cetec EPR Support

I tested in your environment on both lists and this seems to be working now.

Please let me know if it is still not working on your end.


Cetec ERP Support

I still get the error on the “old version” but it works on the “new version”. How do I get the new version to be the default.

There is a config called: ‘use new lists’ that you can set to ‘1’ to have it default new lists.

I will look into the old version again, you may need to refresh it a few times and try again (let me know if you stop getting the error).


Cetec ERP Support

it is now working on the old version. Thank you!

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