Invoice PDF - Duplicating Serial Numbers

It seems like we’re getting duplicate Serial Numbers documented on the PDF invoice. This only happens when we doing partially invoicing a a multi-line item invoice.

This page: “…/invoice/1539/pdf”

If we un-check “Top-Level Serials”, we don’t get anything, but if it’s checked, the Serial number displays twice…

@regisphilbin - it looks like there is a software bug or some kind of data issue you are experiencing that is allowing serial numbers to be duplicated on the invoice PDF.

We’ll float this to the technical team and post back on this thread with any updates, thanks!

@regisphilbin - apparently the existence of a blank/null serial in your serial group was causing some unexpected behavior (the duplicates).

The Cetec ERP engineering team has addressed this with a code change to the platform that will be included in the latest release 3.7. Our team will also push this directly to your server as soon as possible.


Thanks for the update.