Invoice reporting

when i run an invoice list (Sales\Invoices\Invoice List), i run the report with “View by Header” and the IncoTerms (FOB in Cetec parlanc) displays and exports, which is great. When i run the report with “View by Line”, the IncoTerms (FOB in Cetec parlance) does not export or display.

My finance team wants the “view by line” details to include the IncoTerms in the exportable/displayable data.

Thank you.

Hi Greg,

That does seem like a reasonable feature request. Let me pass this along to our engineers and see what they think about it. There’s a potential this could be added to the timeline for a future release of Cetec, or they may say that it would be a custom feature for you and send back a quote for the time it would take.

I’ll update once I hear something back from them!


Engineering said this would be a one-off feature for you, and gave a 1 hour estimate (bill at actual, $250 per hour, work will bill to card on file when completed). If that’s still something you’d be interested in, send an email to and reference this conversation, or case number 718, and we’ll get that taken care of for you!