Invoice - Server Error

Hey there,

I’ve been having issues seeing invoices for orders and keep getting “500 – internal server error”

Below is an example:

Can you help resolve this.

@clarkyparky Are you still having trouble with this? When we go to that link, the invoice loads without issue. We also checked a few others from your invoice list, and they all loaded without an error.

Let us know if you come across any other invoices that are still giving you trouble!
I’m experiencing the same error described in this post.

I’m also getting the same issue whenever I try to look up a PO or sales order. Can you please let us know when you believe the problem will be fixed?

Here’s a few examples:

Engineering says that this should be working now! They were able to chase the problem down Sunday afternoon and a fix should be in place.
Please keep your eyes open for any further issues, and let us know immediately!

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