Invoice Values Widget not Displaying Correctly

When we look at the Invoice Values widget it is showing $0.00 for Prior MTD and Prior Year MTD. Looks like the issue is the end date it’s populating for these 2 items:

Prior MTD - [$0.00] - from_date=2020-11-01&to_date=2020-11-01)
Prior Year MTD - [$0.00] - from_date=2019-12-01&to_date=2019-12-01)


Robin, you’re right, it does seem like that widget is just pulling those values for the one day, instead of the whole month as expected. We’ll send this to our engineers and see if we can get that widget functioning properly.
Thanks for letting us know!

Just wanted to update you, we were able to figure out what was happening here. We’re currently going through testing, and once those changes have been approved they’ll get pushed out for you.
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

Paulette just came in to tell me it’s fixed now. Thanks so much!

@robinl Of course, always happy to help!