Is there a place to attach documents related to material as it is received?

Most material is received with documentation used to confirm the materials used in production. Currently these documents are scanned then stored on a server. Does Cetec have a method for attaching these documents within the software so that we don’t have to look the documents up outside of Cetec?

In the cetec_erp_flow_chart.pdf document under a section titled Receipts (PO Receipts) it refers to “Scanned / Attached PO Receipt Documents”. I believe this is probably what I am looking for however I have no information about this component/feature.

Does anyone know what it is referring to?

We love this document add feature. You simply scan/save your company files on your PC and navigate to the document tab and add your file, tag it with whatever you want, ex: Order Acknowledgment, ISO Cert, Material Cert, etc. For another example, we add our vendor/parts C of C under the Vendor PO that it is attached to and also the part for traceability. We name our parts cert with the receiving # to help identify the stack of documents attached.

Thank you Shawn.

Do those documents (vendor/parts C of C) then get attached to each of the subsequent work orders that utilize the material?

I am actually trying to make the process of writing FAI documents easier and thought Cetec might have the material information associated with the work order that required an FAI. Once we start building the associations of course.

Jason, I am sure Cetec could do a better job of explaining; but happy to share what we do.
Shawn - Justice Bearing, Mooresville NC


Documents don’t transfer from the part record to the order but documents from the customer do transfer to the order. That would have to be a development request if you would like that functionality.


Cetec ERP Support

It might be more logical to have the associated documents linked to the received material from the first step of receiving material. The material is received with the CoC and any test data therefore it might be more efficient to build the association between the material entered into the ERP and the documentation associated with the material at the same time.

I understand that Cetec might believe this is a special request but it seams that once it is built everyone using the system would find it to be a globally utilized feature.