Is there a way to create an invoice pdf from a quote?

Our terms require down payment before we can process orders. Sometimes the customers get SBA loans. The lenders of these loans usually require invoices before finalizing and releasing the funds. And since nothing has been processed on our end at that point, it is still a quote in our system. Is there a way to provide them with an invoice without having to change our quotes to orders?

That’s a great question @kali. We don’t have a way to generate an invoice directly from the quote.

The way we would normally suggest for being able to send a downpayment invoice is to commit the order, and then from the order screen you can send a proforma pdf. In the situation you describe, you could potentially do this, and then cancel the order if something doesn’t pan out. Typically we’d expect that you’d be receiving a PO from your customer, which would let you make the quote and commit the order with a little more assurance.

Another option is that you could create a bill only invoice. On the invoice list there should be a blue button at the top. The reason I’d hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend this is that we don’t have a way, after the bill only invoice and subsequent payment, to tie the invoice back to the original quote.

If neither of those options work for you, or if this is a situation you anticipate finding yourself in somewhat regularly, we could definitely create a custom proforma quote document for you. This would be billable time for us, loosely estimated at 4-6 hours of work. If you want to pursue that further, send an email to and reference this post, and we’d be happy to get that taken care of for you.

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there is also the progress payment invoice option after booking the order.

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Thanks Greg!

Thanks for adding this Greg! I forgot to mention that option in my original response. This does still require that you commit the order, but it could be another useful invoicing tool in this situation. Especially if you want to be able to do incremental billing over the course of a project.