Issue in Opening Lot Order

We are facing issue in opening Lot Order# 802.1 for last 24 hours. We have to receive the complete parts of this order. Kindly intimate the solution as soon as possible.

That PO is closed because the associated lines on the order have been closed.

Since the Outsource PO is linked to the work order, there is no need to ‘Receive’ the completed job through the Outsource PO screen because when you complete the original work order, it will assume the part from the Outsource PO has been received in your warehouse.

Hope that helps clarify what’s happening here. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Actually we are facing an issue to open production order 802.1 . kindly resolve this problem.

I apologize for not understanding the original question. We are investigating the problem now, and I will let you know when we have a solution.

Thank you

We are waiting for your solution? kindly resolve it as soon as possible.

@rana826 Our engineering team is actively working on this for you. We’ll try to update you as soon as we have the issue resolved.

Hi @rana826 This should be significantly faster now.
We still have a few minor issues to look into on the speed of this page more generally, but it should work for you & be much faster now.


Yes, its working now.