Issue with adding a new part record from Pquote/PO

We have always been able to add new part records from the pquote/PO. However today when she entered a new part record, it appeared as a hyperlink on the PO. However, when you click on the link it to go to the Part record, it was not in the system. If you Edit the PO and then go back to View the PO, then part record is showing that it is added to the system (as a non-inventory item).

@robinl - is there a test PO we could use in order to test this behavior for you? Could you provide a link to the latter part of the URL for us so we can look at it?


If you log into our test environment you can look at PO #1329. I added a new part from the PO called MISROBINTEST. You can see that when you click on the hyperlink it doesn’t find the part added to the system. I did not Edit and Update the PO so you can do that and see if that results in the part being added as it did for us yesterday.