issue with waterfall - does not match pick screen from work order view in order
part 19-09-1019 shows 5000 needed
waterfall shows 32060 needed

Alot of parts are doing it. It will display normal until a parts request is done, then it goes haywire. I can show you many examples. Started with the last release.

Please fix ASAP. It shows in the MRP that we need to buy components and that is not accurate. This could cost us tons of money if people are paying attention

@ElectricalAccess Let us take a look at those links and we’ll see if we can figure out what’s happening there. We’ll update you as soon as we can!

@ElectricalAccess Joe,
We were ale to figure out what was causing those part requests to continue affecting the qty needed, and we’ve got a fix in the pipeline that should get pushed out your way by the end of next week at the latest.

At that point, in order to remove that qty need off the waterfall, you’ll need to reopen the part request, set it to unapproved and then close it again. What you will see is a reopen button on a closed part request, if you click that it will open it back up so you can set it to unapproved in the select box at the bottom. Then you just need to close it normally and the qty need should be gone from the waterfall.

Let us know if that doesn’t end up working for you still after the fix has been issued. Again, that should be before the end of next week sometime, so I would expect that it should be working by Mon. 2/15 at the lastest.

dont have any option to reopen

The fix probably won’t get pushed out for another week or so. After that, you should have the option to reopen.

This is a major purchasing problem. can you please just fix the four that have issue. Here they are. First order on each waterfall.

another one


another one


this is starting to get out of control. Please fix asap

another one


Hi Joe,
Thanks for sending those additional links. As mentioned before, we have a fix in the works for this so that you’ll be able to correct these part requests. We appreciate your patience as we work to get that out to you.
In the meantime, we’re happy to discuss with our engineering team and see if there’s anything else we can do to correct the parts you’ve shared here. We’ll be sure to update you if there is anything that can be done before the fix has been implemented in your environment.

Yes, please do something since there is new problems related to this issues everyday.

Hi Joe,
We just confirmed with our engineers that the fix should be live in your environment. You may need to log out/in to load the latest patch in your environment, but after that you should be able to follow the process outlined before to close these part requests!

Thanks for your patience with us while we worked on getting this taken care of for you.

didnt work. there is two parts request for this and did what you describe to both. Waterfall still show the incorrect qty needed. doesnt match the qty needed on work order.

Please revisit this and fix the issue. Still exist. reopen and reclosing did not fix the issue.

Hi Joe,

I was taking a look over this issue and I noticed something which might be some insight to what is going on here.

Are you using part requests as a way to send a pick request for an order? Looking over order 16788.1, line 2 appears to have been fully picked via part requests and then additional quantity past the quantity needed on the order.

this invoiced out and now it is correct. the pick screen has always been correct. it is the waterfall that has issues.

Yes we use parts request to ask for material. This has not been an issue until the last release. We have been doing it this way for over three years.

Please fix the waterfall issue. I have plenty of examples


Finally chased down the root issues here. Going to attempt to provide the full background below, and also the steps Electrical Accessories needs to take to fix this and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

First, what changed between v3.8 and v.3.9 was there was actually a bona fide bug in how PartRequests informed demand in the Waterfall.

Note that a Part Request by definition means you are requesting MORE parts from inventory than what is merely required by the work order BOM Qty. So, if you had BOMABC with a component RAW123 qty per top of 2, and then you had an order for Qty 10. That would create work order demand for Qty 20 of part RAW123. The PartRequest module exists for the situation when, for whatever reason, you end up realizing (due to scrap or some reason) you actually are going to need and consume two extra beyond Qty 20, for a total of Qty 22. So you would issue a part request for Qty 2 extra.

When that part request is created, that is a request for an extra two parts from inventory, in other words it is demand for that part to get used somehow someway (e.g. picked and used on a work order). Thus the waterfall demand should increase from Qty 20 demand of RAW123 up to Qty 22.

Previously, in version 3.8, waterfall wasn’t showing an approved part request as demand, which was incorrect and a bug. After version 3.9, part requests would correctly show as demand in the waterfall.

One problem ElectricalAccessories may be running into, is that you may be creating part requests, and then not properly registering the pick of material to the work order pick list to fulfill the PartRequest. Even though the PartRequest increases demand of the material on the waterfall, if you then pick (i.e. overpick) per the Qty being requested for that work order, that overpick and subsequent ship/invoice will fully remove the demand from the waterfall, so that you don’t overbuy.

So, the demand from the part request is getting added to the waterfall (correctly), however the pick for the part request is not getting registered on the work order. This exact situation is happening right now with order 16788.1-3 (

What that means is that, if and when the Part Request is closed and the pick was never registered, you will end up with demand from the Part Request on the waterfall that never had anything corresponding to it to pick/fulfill/ship that part request overage Qty. Thus, the demand on the waterfall will only go away once the order closes/ships.

If this happens, then there are two ways to rectify that situation:

1- you can go to the appropriate work order and overpick the correct Qty onto the work order to register the fulfillment of the part request as the proper Pick on the work order that the parts were sent to. That will have the effect of reducing the net demand on the waterfall once that work order ships/invoices.

In other words, on this pick list for work order 16788.1-3 ( - increase the pick qty by Qty 3600 to match the Qty that was requested via this part request ( Then, do the same for the qty 6 that was requested via this part request (

2- you can go to the PartRequest itself, re-open the Part Request, set the PartReques to unapproved (i.e. “pending approval”), and then close the Part Request again. Unapproved part requests do not get included in the Waterfall, so that will have the effect of removing the demand from the waterfall.

One final note. It’s possible that you are using the part request module to request parts to pick for work orders’ default BOM qty demand… not for overage/extra demand than anticipated by the BOM order. That is not how the PartRequest module was designed or intended to be used. If that is true, we would recommend changing process to use the “Release To Pick Queues” module to release work orders for picking, not the PartRequests module.

I hope this clears everything up for you, apologies for the confusion.


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