Issues Picking Material

We are going through our open production order list and closing out orders. We are having issues with picking/dekitting/scaling relief QTYs in order to “invoice/ship”. For example we went to ship QTY 1 on line 1 on order 204.1 which already had material picked, it is now showing no material picked on the “pick parts screen” but on the “dekit parts screen” it shows that the material has been picked. When we go to ship QTY 1 on line 1 we set the relief QTY as instructed and we still cannot invoice/ship. Pictures attached for all three screens mentioned. We’ve had issues picking on other orders as well today (280.1)

Please advise.

Still having issues picking raw material for orders we are trying to close out. We are trying to ship order 280.1 today & have not been able to get the material picked which means we cannot create the packing list or invoice. Please advise as soon as possible.

Thank you,

So for order 204.1, the issue is that you’ve picked 10.5 for the total qty for that line (7*1.5), but that 10.5 has been entered in the system as a single piece instead of the total qty of linear feet.
You’ll either need to change your ship qty to 7 and the relieve qty to 10.5, or dekit that line, go to that part and delete the pieces, repick the line, and then you should be able to partially ship the line.

Without seeing what you’re trying to enter when shipping 280.1, I’m going to guess it’s a similar situation, as the base component there also has individual pieces broken out. So if you pick those pieces, then you have to ship enough qty t once to cover the qty picked that those pieces cover. You can’t partially ship a single piece of something.

Hopefully that helps clear this up so you can get these orders shipped. Let us know if you have any other questions about it!

How can we avoid this in the future? When we receive material should we not receive it in pieces? For example, we receive a lot of 12 ft long aluminum pcs, typically the PO will be for QTY in ft, so 144 ft and we will receive it as QTY 12, 12ft pcs. Seems that this is causing problems picking, but from an inventory standpoint it’s nice to know that there are 12, 12ft pcs sitting in our inventory.

We think we have a workaround worked out that definitely works in the coming 3.10 update, not 100% sure whether or not it works in 3.9 currently as there’s been some work done here that we’re unable to verify.

Lets say, using the BOM above, the order Qty was 5, and you only wanted to ship 1.
Initially you would pick a single piece for qty 7.5, then head over to the dekit parts screen.
Here, you can enter the amount you need to remove for a single assembly, 1.5 in this case, and the click update.

Then, after it’s updated, you should see it split in to two different pieces. For the leftover qty, you’ll select put back and then update again.

This should leave you with just the amount you need for the single assembly as picked.

From there, you can go back to your order overview, invoice/ship qty 1 for that line, and make sure the qty to relieve for the part is 1.5.

You may be able to do this with Cetec version 3.9, which you have currently. Again, we’re not 100% sure it works there. But can confirm that it definitely works in 3.10, which you should have within the next week or two.

Thanks for the explanation. Ultimately though, even doing this, we would have to go re pick material for the remaining QTY correct?

That’s correct, you would have to go pick material to ship the remaining qty from the line. And if you weren’t shipping enough to use an entire piece, you’d have to go through the same process of picking, splitting, and putting away unused material.

Ok understood. Thank you for clarifying!