Issuing Return PO's against RMAs

Our company is having an issue maintaining traceability in Cetec when we send a part out for repair against an RMA. What we would like to do is issue a return PO, or a return line on the original PO. What is the best way to handle this situation. We are currently managing our MRR and accounting systems outside of Cetec.

Since I have written this post, I have created a vendor return in the system. The question that we still have is how do we add these pieces being repaired back into inventory without doing a cycle count

@BrockS_PLS do you receive the parts from the customer first, prior to sending them out to be repaired?

If so, I think what may work for you here would be creating a PO from the RMA, which will allow you to receive the parts while maintaining traceability from the original order. Then, once the parts have been received, you should be able to create a rework order, and issue an outsource PO against that, for the repairs.

A couple of links that may be helpful for you here:

Let us know if you have any other specific questions about this!

Thank you. This is the option we where thinking about employing. Our only remaining question is will this affect costing? If the return PO takes the cost out of the system, and the RMA PO is created for the same cost, this should be a one to one swap. But can you confirm that there are no back end processes that would affect this?

@BrockS_PLS as long as nobody is manually changing the cost at any point as the RMA goes through this process, then everything will be using the default pricing and shouldn’t affect costing for other orders.