items are not pulling last sold cost


We have many items when put on a new quote do not automatically pull the last sold cost. How can we get that fixed so that everything line we put on a quote always pulls the last cost sold to the customer.

example Cetec ERP

Hi Joe,

I clicked into the link and looked through a handful of these parts, but I am showing the last buy cost on each of these. Do you have specific parts on this list you are referring to?

Thank you,

Cetec ERP Support

yes you are correct. I had to manually change them. Almsot every line on this quote i have to manually hcange every time. This is for almost ever part we sell daily. Start a new quote and add those lines and you will see. we want all parts to always pulll last sold cost.

Here are more examples fo parts not pulling last sold cost. Just put these on a new quote today.

just wondering if you have found out why our parts are not pulling the last sold cost when put on a new quote.