kiosk mode

what documentation is there for kiosk mode? I want to have the tablets in the shop locked on kiosk mode and logged in permanently.

How do other shops use this so that workers don’t drift off into other browser windows, etc? Is there a Cetec Kiosk App we can lock the tablets in to?

Hi @Ryan
Here is a thorough tutorial of the steps needed to setup and use “kiosk mode”.

If you log a username into the kiosk that has kiosk mode enabled, it shouldn’t log them out automatically ever. It does not however prevent them from opening up a new tab and surfing the web. There is no specific separate app.

Thank you, I hope this helps you.

I’ve seen this. Thanks. But it doesn’t show me the user experience where they log in and all they see is their next assigned task. This seems to show me that a worker would have to click on 10 things to arrive at what he is supposed to work on.


It sounds like you are talking about a work order “traveler”, when you say “a worker seeing what is their next assigned task”

A traveler (with a labor plan / work list) contains the list of work instructions and steps each production location/department needs to execute the manufacturing.

So, to see what is their next assigned task, a worker looks at the next work location on the traveler, and scans that work location’s barcode to start work at that “stage” in production.

On the other hand, it’s possible that you are looking for a way for the user to login and quickly view all work orders that have been assigned (statused) to their specific department. To do that, run the Production >> Orders >> List, filter the Order List by the “Work Location” you want, and click submit. This will return a list of all work orders assigned to that Work Location, which you can sort in Date order if you’d like (to determine prioritization). Then, you can simply “bookmark” that report on the User’s login (so that it is one-click for them in the top-right sandwich menu), or you can set it to be their “home page” in their User profile so that that report is the report that runs when they first login.

You can exercise this same principle for the work schedule. Go to Production >> Mgmt >> Schedule By Location, filter for location, and set a bookmark. That will be that location’s schedule of what’s scheduled next for that user/department/location.

I hope this helps!

ok that may be helpful. I need to dumb this down. maybe I’ll work this out more in implementation.