Kit Return Before Order Closing/Completion

How can I begin the kit return process before the work order is closed/shipped?

As example, if we have one process still running for a job but certain processes are already complete which allows for a partial kit return (especially when those remaining qtys are needed for another job), how can I begin the kit return process?

I know closing the order completely depletes the listed quantities accordingly but in the situation where we want to begin the kit return process for only certain parts. If there is 50 qty of one part as example and 25 are used, 25 remain, so how can I deplete accordingly before closing the work order? If I do this manually and then close the work order, it would deplete 25 and 25 again.

If I follow some process like this, would it matter if I did “scale to BOM” vs. the other option?

Let me know. Thanks!

Hey Tej,

I want to make sure I am understanding. When you say return the kit, are you returning raw components?

My first thought would be for you to split the order line, into the qtys you will use and ship, and the qty you will return. Then on the second order line you can ‘dekit’ it, putting the parts back, and then close that orderline.

Let me know what you think of this route, and we can go into more detail if this sounds like what you are looking for.


Cetec ERP Support