Can we get a list of all kind of labels that we can print from Cetec?
We are looking for NCR, Hold and RMA label.

You can find which labels are currently active in your system by going to the custom docs list (Admin > Config Settings > Custom Docs) and searching for the word “label”.

I don’t think we have labels for any of the objects you mentioned. It’s very likely they could be created for you, but that we’d have to have one of our engineers get you a quote for the time there. If you want to pursue it, you can contact and they can coordinate with our engineering team to get you that information.

NCR and RMA labels would be a great addition. We are having to create labels ourselves and this would be wonderful.

Just curious, what type of Data and Size of Label would you want on the NCR & RMA Labels? Something like this?

Maybe 1" x 3" label for part ID tag?

| RMA: 222 . … … … … . … … . … … … . … …|
| PRCPart: ASY000001 Rev: 0A… … . … . . … . |
| SERIAL: 1298479835084937 … … … … … … |
| | ||| |||| |||||| || |||| |||||| ||||||| … … … … … … . … . |

I could see a label that would/could include actual RMA/NCR info but the label would have to be substantially larger … (Maybe 4" x 6"?)

@regisphilbin We are looking for a 1 x 1in label.

Sorry for the delay in response. The label you suggest would work. The same for the NCR label. With or without serial# or lot#.

Any update happening on this front? Did anyone pursue purchasing engineering time?

Hi Jackie,

I have not had a chance. We’ve had other labels that we’ve been working but hopefully i can get to this one soon…

I guess one question for CETEC is , if I create a “custom document” for an NCR label, How do I get it to show up on the NCR screen? Or the “documents” tab of the NCR record?