Labor Estimate Total

Please see the attached screen shot. On the labor setting for a quote. Why isn’t the Labor Est total calculating nor transferring to the overall total? This is causing issues with our customer quotes. What has changed since the last update and what do I need to change in the config settings?

Hi @spilkington,

We’ve had issues with this as well and spent many hours over the past week trying to recover. It seems that Cetec requires you to click the “Set” button on the time at each location in your Labor Plan. Even if you enter the numbers it won’t include them until you click “Set”. It doesn’t make sense to me why it would be set up this way because we have ended up missing labor in quotes over and over again just because the Set button wasn’t clicked.

At least for us, this has resolved the issue you’re having. It requires a very deliberate and consistent action every time. I wish it were just automatic when you entered labor that it would include it in the calculation.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve actually tried that but to know avail. Tell me, when I checked my config settings, “Default BOMs To Use Total Labor Estimate” and “Default BOMs To ‘Use Total Labor Estimate’” were turned off. I turned them on to see if that would fix the issue but still no go. Have you tried this as well?


This is an urgent matter as our quoting process is on hold until this is resolved.

@aeromorrison - have you ever registered this as a request or complaint with Cetec ERP support? We’d like to help ease the frustration you’re having there with needing to click SET every time, if there is something we can do in the software to help make this better, we’d like to if possible…

@spilkington - your company is still on version 4.07, so I am not sure this is being caused by the new release 4.08 (scheduled to be released within the next few days or so).

All that said, we are escalating this internally to see what might be the issue.


Currently this issue is being worked on and has a fix in the works that will go out with the next release 4.08 which you should get soon. The workaround is if you go to your ordline status data maintenance table here: Cetec ERP then set the labor rate on all of those work locations too the default you use. Then it will work just fine.

We apologize we don’t have an immediate fix for this but you should get it very soon.

Please let us know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you! That worked!