Labor Plan screen format issue

After the update 3.11.3, the labor plan editing screen has some display issues. Adding an operation has become a nightmare. Please fix this. I have attached an image below to show what is happening.


Thanks for contacting us. I’m sending this over to our engineering team for review. We’ll get back to you with what we find out.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi, Asad,

I went into that screen using your user profile and it did not appear abnormal. I want to help you with this, and need some more details to hopefully figure out what’s going wrong.

Can you tell me what version of Google Chrome you’re using? Have you had anyone else in the company try to go to that same screen to test it out?


Cetec ERP Support


I check the labor plan screen today and the view has been fixed. Not sure if this happened on it own. I use chrome and edge browser on 2 different laptops.

Best Regards,

Glad it’s working now, Asad! It could be a browser issue. When using the Cetec software, Chrome is the only browser we recommend and support. Other browsers may work, but we make no guarantees.

Let us know if you run into any trouble when using Cetec on the Chrome browser.

Thank you for your business,

Cetec ERP Support