Ledger Transaction Not Showing up In Ledger Summary

I have created a Ledger entry #117 to realize our initial inventory receipt from “internal vendor”. For some reason when I created the entry to debit/credit - inventory/accounts payable the entry saved, gave me the number 117 but does not show up in the ledger. What am i missing?

Hi @567

It sounds like you were modifying an existing ledger entry, not creating a new ledger entry. Not sure exactly what happened there.

As a test, we’ve created a $1 posting to credit Inventory and debit Inventory (a net zero posting). It is showing properly under your general ledger as entry #119. There doesn’t seem to be any issue here.

Can you give it another shot?

Furthermore, I might question why you are attempting to create a manual ledger entry here. An internal PO receipt should automatically post $$ to Debit Inventory and Credit Accrued Liabilities. Then, a voucher (vendor invoice) should automatically clear that accrual, and credit A/P. These things are supposed to happen for you automatically.

Indeed, looking at your general ledger, it appears there are already some transactions following this path. Why the need to additionally enter a manual journal entry?

Hope this helps, good luck!