Line Items are Showing up with $0 sell price

We have confirmed this happening on multiple recent occasions. We thought it was us but it keeps happening. We enter in the cost and a sell price. We print out the confirmation and send to clients and shows the proper pricing. However, at times for some reason it will zero out a sell price on a line item. The most recent was today for our order 1654.1. Cetec ERP
The last line item #13 came up at zero after reviewing the order.

Please advise and thank you.



It doesn’t look like that order is that way anymore. Do you have any other examples? Could you breakdown the process you use when this happens? Do you do anything differently?


Cetec ERP Support

Correct. We updated them ourselves. Was hoping you could see something on the backend showing how these were zero’d out. We will keep a lookout for the next one and send your way.

Thank you,