Line Pick Comments - Purpose? SET?

Under the PICK function for an order: Pick Parts For Distribution Order
There is a box for: LINE PICK COMMENTS–> SET
Why is it not functional that when a user enters a “COMMENT” and clicks “SET”, that the “comment” does not stay static and show up on the pdf/pick ticket?

Hi Shawn,

The only places that the line comments will show once set are the bom quote worksheet, the order pick screen, and the order bom edit. You can alse set default comments on the bom worksheet that get added automatically when the bom is added to an order. They’re mainly intended to be notes for the person doing the picking.

Are the comments showing in those places for you after they’re set?

There is no BOM on this one - so NO
They DO show on the order Pick Screen but when that is printed (we work on paper still on this stage) the comment does not transfer.

Can I ask, which document is it that you’re printing?

Of course:
example: /otd/order/12003/pick_parts

Thanks for that!

So you are correct, we do not have those comments showing on that slip by default. It is possible to add them by editing the “Order Printable Pick Parts List” document at (your cetec url)/customdocument/list

If that’s not a task you feel super equipped for (we recommend that you be familiar with HTML/Javascript/CSS and Template Toolkit), then we can certainly help you get that done. Just send an email to and reference this thread, and we can get you taken care of.