Line Split - Qty needed not correct

We have an order (4739.1-5) that was originally for 800 pcs. This build job has one component on the BOM with a qty per of 1 and no scrap factor.

We needed to ship 792 pcs today and split those onto a new line (line 15). The Qty Due and Qty to Ship both say 792. However on the component the Qty Needed says 799.92 (should be 792). In addition, for the remaining 8 pcs the Qty Need for the component shows 8.08 (should be 8).

So splitting an 800 pcs order that needed 800 components resulted in needing 808 pcs.

Hi @robinl,

That is quite odd. As you noted, the fact that it’s consistently 1% more for both lines makes me think it is some sort of scrap factor being added to each line. But I’m not seeing that anywhere when looking at the order, quote, or the BOM itself, and I would think that if it were there it would have been part of the original line before it was split.

I’m going to have our engineering team take a look at this and see if we can figure out what happened there. I’ll update you here once I’ve heard back from them.

@robinl We’ve been looking in to this, trying to figure out what caused the change in they qty need after the split, and we’ve been having a little trouble zeroing in on it.

A few questions that will be helpful as we continue to investigate:

  • Can you walk us through the steps that were taken to create the split? Just want to verify which type of split was done (Mass Split vs. Split), and which quantities were entered in the different fields.
  • After you did the split, there would have a popup, do you know if yes or no was selected in the popup window?


Got to Workorder>Maint> Split Line.
Enter the value in “Split to New Line Qty”.
Click Split.
The message says something along the lines of you are reducing the order by x% do you want to reduce the picked materials by x%. We always select Yes.

Note: We just split order 4878.5 today (new line is 3). It was an internal sub-assembly but the part had a single component (same as the original issue) and the qty needed per was also 1 (same as the original issue) and the split today worked correctly. So not sure if that further narrows down the problem or not.