Linking Bonus Columns to a project

I created two bonus columns for a PO.
Is there a way I can create a project that is linked to those columns on the PO?
I want to be able to type the project name and the two bonus columns created will auto populate?
@cetecerp13 @cetecerp23

in lieu of duplicating data fields in PO’s and Projects pages:

if you’re already associating projects with PO’s, then you can do a search within PO’s (…/purchaseorder/list) and filter on your Project. You can have your 2 bonus columns display in this search results, and also have them be filterable as well…

I will like the project data and the bonus columns added to display on the PO pdf.

I see. I believe you can modify / customize the PO Pdf template to include the Bonus Column and Project Data fields.

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@regisphilbin is correct, if you want those items to show on the project PDF it would be possible to achieve that using the project PDF custom doc (Admin > Config Settings > Custom Docs).

If you, or someone at your company/IT department, isn’t able to get those customizations working you can reach out to and they can get you connected with one of our engineers, who would be able to help you make the desired changes. Please be aware that any customizations we do for you, or any support related to those custom docs after the fact, will be considered billable time at our normal hourly rate.