Linking CETEC with Altium for part database

We are in the process of building up our Altium Library for PCBA design and would like to understand what capabilities exist to link this with Cetec so there is a unified manufacturing and design database.

@GSchwartz Hi George,
Could you elaborate a bit here on what you’re looking for? We may be able to steer you towards something in our system that would accomplish this, but would need to know more specifically what you’re wanting to do.

We need to have a database of electronic parts (capacitors, resistors, etc) for our printed circuit boards. We are also not sure if we need a separate database (SQL is the likely type) to support Altium linked to CETEC or a single database. So when we create a part in CETEC, it would populate the database that supports the Altium design tool.

@GSchwartz Do you have any examples or documentation about what data would need to be included for Altium’s needs?

Here is some info on how to setup a database library for Altium: After looking at Excel and Access databases and finding some of their limitations, we’re leaning towards an SQL database if we need an independent one from CETEC. The end result will be a SQL database hosted on our server with multiple tables of electronic parts( Capacitors, resistors, Transistors,… ect)
These tables will not be that large guessing around a few thousand records max. We’ve seen the ability to link these parts in other ERP products.

Hi George,
If I’m not mistaken, you host Cetec on your resident server.
Therefore, you have a few advantages that Cloud customers don’t have.
You have the ability to leverage the same infrastructure to host your Altium Database. Cetec-ERP (at time of conversation) runs on MariaDB on resident servers.

You may find it more beneficial to use our API however.
You can find more information about that by going to your url followed by /apioverview. The Part, and Part Revision sections will be most useful to you.

Doing integrations such as this should be relatively straight-forward for a technical person who knows your use-case and Altrium systems. We’d love to support that technical person with any questions they may have regarding use of our API.

Our suggestion on how to set this up initially would be to run a script automatically each night that transfers newly created parts from Cetec to your Altrium database.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

You are correct that we host CETEC on our server. Thanks for the information.

If we need support for this for our EE engineer, how do we arrange for that?

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If you need support, you can email “” and we can setup a specific time with an Engineering personnel at Cetec to support you, time bills at $250/hr.

Let us know if you’d like to coordinate that.



I’d be interested to find out how this implementation works if you decide to proceed with it…