I would like to send a URL but I do not want anyone to open the URL, Can you private message me so that I can send to you?

Angie, hi,

I just got off the phone with you and the team reminded me that we can also look up the link if you give us just the characters after the “.com” in the URL. So, for example, /otd/car/list instead of Cloud ERP Software For Manufacturing And Distribution | SaaS Inventory Accounting | Low-cost ERP. That way, we can look up the full URL on our end but others on the forum can’t click into the link.

Would you feel comfortable sending the link over that way?

Cetec ERP Support/Elizabeth

Haha, so what came through as " Cloud ERP Software For Manufacturing And Distribution | SaaS Inventory Accounting | Low-cost ERP" was actually a full pretend link, just to clarify that last message!

Thank you here you go.
My question is when I pull this up, in location it shows pre-release, why doesn’t it show where they really are like; production, kitting, wire room? Here is the link.



I took a look at the link and clicked into the first three orders, which were all showing “Pre-Release” on the report. All three showed “Pending Approval” in the workflow at the top right of the screen, so that seems correct to me.



However, it sounds like you’re wanting to know the work locations of the orders rather than their workflow state. Those can be found on the View Work report here:


Let us know if you need more help on this!

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