Logging In - 500 - Internal Server Error

I am receiving a 500 - Internal Server Error when I attempt to log into CETEC. Pictured below:

Please advise.

Hi @cbassboss,

Are you the only user tere having that issue, or is everyone seeing that error when they try to log in?

And is it happening at the log in screen, where you’d normally type in your username/PW, or is it after you do that and are trying to load the homepage?

Some follow up on this,

If you’re trying to log in using the same email linked to your forum account here, then you should know that the user record in your Cetec environment that shares that email address is currently inactive. Looks like one of your admins made that user inactive around 2/14/

If that is the case, that’s the user you’re trying to log in to, then you will first need to have an admin go to the users list, show inactive users, and then click activate in order to restore your ability to access Cetec as that user.

Let us know if that’s not the case, or if that’s not the login you’re trying to use. Thanks!

Thank you for looking into this! Yes, the error is only for me and it is for the user associated with this email.

I will connect with my administrator for reactivation. Thanks again for your help.