Look up fields are not working

All look up fields and search values are not working in quote entry, in searching for part number in the search tab, etc.
I cannot enter a quote as customer name is disappearing after they are entered, part numbers cannot be entered. (look up function is not working).
Please have a look to the below example.

Need urgent attention.

Good afternoon Hadi,
Is it any/all customers you try to create a Quote for, or a single, specific customer?
Thank you in advance for any additional information to help us assist you.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

This issue is happening just to one of our users. User name “mrogers”.

As mentioned search/ look up function is not working anywhere in the Cetec.
It is not a specific problem to one customer, it is for all customers. All part numbers, vendors, etc.
In invoice list, quote list, part list, etc, search/ look up is not working.
have a look at below pictures and links.


My phone number is 778-650-4244, I can take you through if you can call.

Thanks, Hadi

Sorry, just saw that it is a specific user…we will get product team to take a look to see what is causing this for the one user. Thank you for the specifics.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

Yes, specific to one user “mrogers”.
I checked just right now and problem still exist.


Hi @hadim,
Our engineering team took a look here and was able to figure out what the problem was.
That user should now be able to continue using the various search functions as normal.

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