Lot and Serial Numbers on Workorder Documents

Is there a way to include the lot number and serial number on the following workorder documents?

Full Order Plate

If not, which of the Custom Documents under Admin > Config Settings > Custom Documents do I need to modify / customize to include the lot number and series number assigned for a line on an order?


Try modify the following custom documents:
Order License Plate (line) - this is for individual line / Plate
Order License Plate (all lines) - Full Order Plate

Check out the code in the following template to display Lot number and serial number
Order Serial Label

Thank you but I’m having an issue with it displaying correctly. Not sure if I’m missing something. Please refer to the following for a test I’m working on:


Hi Steven,

I don’t have access to your system.

Something like the following works for me. It prints out the lot code and serial number(s) assigned to the order line.

		[% records = order_line.get_serial_records(first, last ) %]
		[% IF records.size > 0 %]
			[% FOREACH rec IN records %]
				[% IF rec.serial %]
					<b style="word-wrap: break-word;">&nbsp;[% rec.lotcode %]-[% rec.serial %] </b>
				[% END %]
			[% END %]
		[% END %]

That worked, thanks!