Major Trouble Printing Serial Labels

We’re having a lot of problems generating a serial label that is correctly sized and formatted on the actual label itself. (Brother QL-800 Printer)

Any help regarding whether we’re using a wrong printer or label size would be great. We have tried printing the serial labels on 1.1in x 3.5in label paper but the print page looks like this:

If I try to downscale the label, the barcode is way too small for the scanner to read.

It seems changing the margin settings have no effect, and changing the paper size itself also seems to do nothing at all.

Would appreciate any help on this as this is the one thing currently blocking us from testing the system in full for our operation.

We use Zebra Printers and when printing labels. I found that the native Zebra drives/utilities had the controls necessary for formatting the labels. You can probably access the Brother printer utilities using the “Print using System Dialog…” setting just about the “Print” button…

We’ve tried using the System Dialog and it yields the same results. We set the correct label size and settings but the label comes out as displayed on the regular print page.
It may be time to get a new printer?

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