Mapping of Part PO

Hello sir!
We want to know the mapping of ledger entries of parts from P.O to make payment vouchers to a vendor.

  1. At the time of receiving of material ledger entry show
    Dr inventory and Cr Accrued
  2. At the time of add voucher entry show
    Dr cost of sale and Cr Accrued
  3. At the time of make payment entry show
    Dr Accrued and Cr Bank/Cash
    Now we are confused at 2nd entry it should Cr inventory rather than Accrued. Please guide us as early as possible and how can we resolve the issue of mapping.

In general you should be able to set those mappings to what best suits your company/account structure, we just have a default set of mappings that follow what works well for most companies.

You can see more information on making changes to the GL Transaction Mappings here: How To Setup G/L Account Mapping Hierarchy and “Per Part” Transaction Mapping Overrides
How To Set Up Default G/L Transaction Mapping

Let us know if you have any other questions about this!