Material Cost in BOM OVERVIEW is not calculating correctly with different BUILD QTY



Please look at the above BOM Overview.
When I change the Build Qty from 1 to 100, and 1000, the cost record for component#7 updated correctly, however, the Material Cost, and Unit Price remain based on cost record for Qty 1.

i.e. I was expecting a lower material cost and unit price at higher qty but that’s not the case.

Please investigate.

Thank you

This is typically dependent on your components and labor plan for the revision. We have options for building in things like setup and scrap material. Depending on how you have those things set up, system should factor those in as you scale up the qty of the assembly being built.

I’d start by reviewing how you have the components and labor defined for that part, and make sure you’re factoring those things in. Let us know if you have any other questions about it!


The labor plan and material scrap rate is not the issue here. All item setup with zero scrap factor / adder.

The issue observed is the total material cost calculated remains unchanged even though one of the component cost has reduced as the qty increased.

For example, when I set Build Qty 1, the total material cost is $155.04

Then I set Build Qty to 100, the system shows the cost for Component#3 reduced by $1.50 and Component#7 reduced by $6.09 due to cost break at 100.

So I was expecting the total material cost to be ($155.04 - $1.50 - $6.09) x 100 = $14,745
However, the total material cost displayed $15,504.12.

Thanks for clarifying your point about the cost breaks. Let us review further and see if we can determine exactly what’s happening with the calculations there.


Looks like there were some issues regarding the cost on this page when using more than a build qty of one in regards to cost breaks. We should have a fix for this out to you within a week.